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The Comps Club Connection by Southern Gaming is a monthly update of What’s Happening at the casinos throughout the South.

Here you will find casinos and friends of Southern Gaming who provide coupons, comps and special offers for members of The Comps Club…the premium membership of Southern Gaming that delivers members thousands in casino coupons for just $29 per year!

The Voice of Santa Anita

MANY CONSIDER Santa Anita to be the world’s most beautiful racetrack, with its art-deco facade, lush landscape and breathtaking setting at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. Since it opened in 1934, racing fans have flocked to the track to watch the running of some of the most prestigious races in the sport. And just as the scope and grandeur of Santa Anita must be seen to be believed, so must the inimitable race calls of Trevor Denman be heard.

Video Poker: Selecting a Casino

IF YOU’RE A FREQUENT PLAYER you already know all casinos are not created equal. Since individual priorities differ, you should take some time to consider what’s important to you and find the casino that is the best match.

Craps: The Bad Boys

CRAPS PLAYERS WILL ALMOST universally say that craps is the most exciting game in the casinos. Even devotees of other games will probably grudgingly admit this too. Blackjack players, for example, can find it to be a real misery at tables because there are so many self-styled experts happy to regale them with their playing strategies. Roulette players don’t like it when their hands are pushed aside by other people placing chips on the same numbers.

Hollywood Casino Tunica: Celebrating 20 Years of Gaming Excellence

IN THE EARLY 1990’S, TUNICA, Miss., was one of the poorest counties in the country. Located just two miles south of Memphis, hot summers and cotton fields embellished the otherwise unremarkable region. Then, in 1990, legislation legalized casino gaming, and the race was on to build the biggest and the best facilities to meet the demands of gamblers and to compete with the booming business being had in Las Vegas. The tax revenue generated was an immediate benefit to the county school systems, road ways and downtown district. Today there are eight casinos boasting almost $1 billion in annual revenue and providing thousands of jobs.

Horseracing: Treating it Like a Business

EARLY LAST MARCH WHILE ordering a cup of coffee at the Clubhouse Turn Café inside Tampa Bay Downs, I overheard a patron boisterously proclaim to everyone within earshot that he had caught the daily double for $116.

Poker: 7-Card Stud Eight or Better Strategy

WHEN YOU MAKE A STRONG five-card hand in Stud 8/b, you have to decide whether or not you want to jam it in order to eliminate players, or slow-play it in order to keep more players in the pot. Often, the nature of your hand and the nature of the board will tell you what you should do.

Southern Invasion: Good, Better, Besh!

IF YOU DON’T THINK THAT Southern food and dining culture claims a seat at the head of the American table, you haven’t been to the bookstore, watched television, or enjoyed a road trip below the Mason-Dixon line in quite some time.

The diverse foods and people of the changing American South have given the world both curiosity and inspiration in the form of authors, educators, journalists and musicians. But perhaps most commonly appreciated of all Southern ambassadors is the Southern chef.

Tailgating Tips: A Talk with the Commish…Joe Cahn

The football season is upon us which means tailgating in in full swing too. Whether you are a tailgating aficionado or someone who simply shows up and throws some cash in a bucket, without a doubt, the time before a sporting event is sacred to all sporting fans no matter how big or small.
Southern Gaming and Destinations caught up with Joe Cahn, The Commissioner of Tailgating, (yes…there is such a person!) to talk about everything from fun foods to best tailgates. Cahn is the real deal and you can take what he says seriously.

Football with Franco: Premium Plays

Mark Franco is considered one of the top sports handicappers in the world. He has finished in the top 5 in the Hilton SuperContest, the crown jewel of football betting, and continues to display winning trends with his weekly game picks on

He also helped co-found … the leader in sports information and provider for Southern Gaming’s weekly Sports Odds and Scores.

Check out Franco’s Top Plays of the Week and share them with your friends! Good Luck!

September Promotions, Perks & Giveaways in Biloxi at IP Casino Resort & Spa

(Biloxi, Miss) – It’s good to B Connected at IP CASINO RESORT SPA with more slot dollar promotions, giveaways and dining specials all September long.

There is a reason why the property is one of the best on the South!

Check out these great promotions and resons to book your trip to IP today! 

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi Celebrates Lucky 7: Top Shows at the Property

Sheryl Crow. The name says it all. When people think of southern pop/rock music, it’s her voice and well-strummed guitar that fans across the world hear in their minds.

All I Wanna Do, Soak up the Sun and If It Makes You Happy are amongst her biggest hits. Her genre-blending music has earned her nine Grammy Awards and a spot on VH1’s list of the Greatest Women of Rock N’ Roll.

She has performed for millions of fans over the years at venues world-wide including the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, where she has earned a top spot among the best shows at the rock n’ roll-themed property.



SUMMER TIME and the living is breezy

THERE IS NOTHING better than a Southern summer getaway. Whether you are looking for a gambling excursion on the Gulf Coast or trails to meander in the mountains of Tennessee, chances are you will find your perfect escape without ever boarding a plane. If your trip is for a week or just a weekend, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the many attractions of the region. These are a few of our favorites.

Power Players

For a fun and rewarding penny slot experience, check out the new “Penny Lane” area at IP Biloxi.

Power Players

In 1941, Sam Boyd and his family arrived in Las Vegas with not much more than determination to succeed and fulfill a dream.



Blackjack: Determining your ‘Theo’

Did you know that when you play at a casino, the amount you wager and time you are at playing are calculated into what is called a theoretical loss,  often referred to as a ‘Theo’?

Casinos use your ‘theo’ to determine what comps you have earned.