SLOT PLAYS THAT PAY: Advantage Slot Machines

This article is meant to show specific machines that can actually give the player an edge over the casinos at slots. These machines were discovered by Jerry Stickman, and have been put through extensive computer studies and casino play. These are just a sampling of the machines. To see them all, read my book, Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines!

Smart slot players can now get a real edge over the house if they play these machines properly. These machines can be considered “banking machines” because they build up redeemable credits, objects or multipliers that are not wiped out when one player leaves the machine and another player replaces him. In fact, you will need the other players to play the machines in a negative mode, so that the banking credits build up for you.

However, at a certain point the “accumulated bank” causes the machine to become positive for any player who plays the machine from that point forward. In short, more money will come out of the machine from that point than goes in the machine. That is when you play the machine. And guess what? The machine will tell you when it is in positive mode based on how much has been banked. The banking will be in various saved symbols on the machines. There’s money to be made by playing these machines in positive modes.

Now, let’s get the obvious question out of the way for the dreamers in the land of slots. Yes, while some of your wins can be fairly big, most of them will not be fairly big, but somewhere in the land of reasonable. But all will make you smile because you are doing something very few players have ever done—getting an edge over the casino at the slot machines. Yes, you can also lose, as even in a positive mode machines can take your money. In poker that’s called a bad beat. You have a great hand and still lose. But overall, play these machines just the way you are told to play them and the money will be coming out to you much more than the money going in for the casino.

A Different Type of Slot Machine

This type of advantage-slot machine is similar to progressive slot machines in the sense that something builds. It is not a jackpot dollar amount, though. Instead something else builds. It could be coins, hats, gems, fruit or even firecrackers. It can be almost anything.

The pool of items builds when a special symbol or some combination of symbols appears on the reels. This can be one particular symbol, a combination of symbols, or even the absence of symbols sometimes called blanks or ghosts. For example, if a cherry appears in one of the nine positions that are visible on the reels, a cherry is added to the corresponding section of a pie. Each different machine has its own criterion for saving.

Once a certain combination of symbols appears or a section of the collection area is filled, a bonus is paid that is proportionate to the number of hats, gems, fruit or whatever symbol that’s been banked. For example, a diamond is added to one of three columns corresponding to the reel that contains a diamond. When a column is filled with diamonds, a bonus of 10 credits is collected and the column is emptied.

The more things in the collection, the better chance the game might be positive. And this article will show you which games can become positive, as well as when they become positive. It will give you the best method to play them and let you know how much money you should have available once you decide to play a given advantage machine. A proper bankroll is absolutely necessary to give yourself the best chance to win.

General Rules for Playing Advantage Slots

Once you have found a game that has a positive expectation, there are certain rules you must follow to maximize your wins. The following rules for play are not suggestions— they are requirements.

Only play when you have an advantage.

Have the required bankroll in your pocket.

Once a machine becomes positive, it remains positive until someone collects the bonus, and then the collection is reset and the positive machine is no longer positive.

You must play until you collect the prize; if you don’t do this then you are purposely giving up your advantage. Make sure you have enough money with you—in your pocket!

Quit playing when you no longer have an advantage.

Once you collect the bonus, verify if you still have an advantage.

Now let’s take a look at many of these advantage-play machines.

S&H Green Stamps

How It Works

This is probably the most widespread of the advantage slot machines. As you play, the appearance of a green stamp with a number on the reels adds that number of stamps to a book. The stamps have a multiplier (1X, 2X, 5X) that multiplies the number of stamps that are collected. It takes 1,200 stamps to fill a book. Once a book is filled, you are given the option to continue collecting or to play the bonus games.

What To Look For

If the game has 600 or more stamps in a book, it is positive. There is one stamp displayed in the book for each 100 stamps collected, so look for six stamps. Six stamps is one row or half a book. The actual number of stamps is also displayed near the books.

How To Play

Play 25 lines at one credit per line until you play the free games. This amounts to 25¢ a spin for a 1¢ machine, 50¢ a spin for 2¢ machines and $1.25 a spin for 5¢ machines. Once you fill a book (1,200 stamps), you will be given a choice to play free games or to continue filling another book. Play the free games. DO NOT continue filling another book.

Bankroll Requirements

Your minimum bankroll must be at least 2,000 credits. This amounts to $20 for a 1¢ game, $40 for a 2¢ game and $100 for a 5¢ game.


Most S&H Green Stamp games have a feature where you can immediately stop the spinning by hitting the spin button. Take advantage of this feature to minimize the time spent playing this game. The faster you play the better for you. Get your winnings and leave.

This game is fairly volatile. You will tend to have many smaller wins and losses with occasional fairly large wins and losses. Don’t let a losing game tempt you to stop play before you collect the free games.

Double Diamond Mine

How It Works

There are three shafts that hold diamonds. A diamond is added to a shaft when the corresponding reel contains a diamond symbol. When a shaft is filled, you collect the bonus. Once you collect the bonus and the shaft is emptied, re-evaluate whether you have an advantage or not.

What To Look For

This game is positive when any of the following is true.

1 shaft contains 9 diamonds

2 shafts contain 8 diamonds each

3 shafts contain 7 diamonds each

How To Play

Play one credit per spin until you collect the bonus. This amounts to 25¢ a spin for the standard 25¢ machine.

Bankroll Requirements

Your minimum bankroll must be at least 80 credits. This amounts to $20 for the 25¢ game.


This game is not very volatile. The games tend to be fairly short. You will tend to win most games, sometimes for a relatively large amount. Losses tend to be fairly small.

Fishin’ for Cash

How It Works

Fishin’ for Cash works exactly the same as Double Diamond Mine and Triple Diamond Mine, except fish are used instead of diamonds. There are three columns that hold fish. A fish is added to a column when the corresponding reel contains a fish symbol. When a column is filled, you collect the bonus. Once you collect the bonus and the column is emptied, you then re-evaluate whether you have an advantage or not.

What to Look For

This game is positive when any of the following is true:

1 column contains 9 fish

2 columns contain 8 fish each

3 columns contain 7 fish each

How To Play

Play 1 credit per spin until you collect the bonus. This amounts to 25¢ a spin for the standard 25¢ machine.

Bankroll Requirements

Your minimum bankroll must be at least 80 credits. This amounts to $20 for the 25¢ game.


This game is not very volatile. Games tend to be fairly short. You will tend to win most games, sometimes for a relatively large amount. Losses tend to be fairly small.

Wild Cherry Bonus Pie

How It Works

A Wild Cherry symbol in one of the nine visible reel positions (3 rows, 3 reels) adds a cherry to the corresponding section of the pie. Each section requires 6 cherries to fill it—54 cherries to fill the entire pie.

When a section of the pie is already full, the cherries are added to the corresponding section of a bonus pie. When the main pie is filled, the player collects a random jackpot (25-250 credits) and a bonus equal to the number of cherries in the bonus pie. The bonus pie then replaces the big pie and the bonus pie is emptied.

What To Look For

This game is positive when 5 cherries (or fewer than 5 cherries) are needed to complete the entire pie. They could be needed in one to five different sections. It is the total number of cherries needed that is important.

How To Play

Play 1 credit per spin until you collect the bonus. This amounts to 25¢ a spin for the standard 25¢ machine. If there are two or more cherries required in each of the unfilled sections, play 2 credits per spin as you will get 2 cherries when you land on the needed section. Only bet 2 credits per spin if each of the unfilled sections requires 2 or more cherries to fill them.

Bankroll Requirements

Your minimum bankroll must be at least 400 credits. This amounts to $100 for the 25¢ game.


This game has some volatility. It may take quite some time to fill the pie and collect the bonus. Wins and losses tend to vary considerably. If you follow the rules completely, the game will never be positive after you collect the bonus because at least one section of the new pie will have no cherries in it, therefore requiring six cherries to fill that section. Since the game is not positive until only five cherries are required to fill the pie, do not continue playing this game after collecting the bonus.

Now you know how to make money playing advantage slot machines. Using a little knowledge, you are now in a position to beat the casinos at a game where other casino players usually get trounced—and you can make money consistently from these former one-armed bandits, too.

You have to make sure you have enough money with you to play the game until you collect. I gave you minimum bankrolls to go with each machine, but those are just minimums. I bring more with me so I don’t ever panic when I am playing.

Yes, you will have losing sessions. Because a machine is positive during your play does not mean you are absolutely guaranteed to win. But it means you will win more than you lose over time. That is really what it is all about, isn’t it? Winning is the most fun!


Frank Scoblete’s newest books are Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines, featuring advantage-play slots; and Casino Craps: Shoot to Win, which comes with a DVD showing unedited, controlled throws. Cutting Edge Craps: Advanced Strategies for Serious Players and Beat Blackjack Now are available from, your favorite bookstore or by mail by calling 1-800-944-0406.


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