Seminole Indian Tribe Refuses to End Class III Gaming

seminole-hard-rock.jpg(As reported on Online Casino Sphere) TALLAHASSEE, FL — The Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida continues to allow Class III gaming inside the Hard Rock Casino, ignoring the demands of the State Attorney.  According to the state attorney’s office, “The Seminole Tribe of Florida must stop Class III gaming at its casinos now”.

The statement was delivered because a compact between the tribe and Governor Charlie Crist has been deemed unconstitutional.  Back in 2007, Crist agreed to allow the Indians to offer Class III gambling inside their casinos, in exchange for nearly $100 million dollars per year.

As you know, Class III gaming is similar to the gambling found in places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, with games such as slot machines, blackjack, high-stakes poker, and roulette.

Despite their agreement with Governor Crist, the Florida Supreme Court invalidated the Seminole compact in July because Crist doesn’t have the constitutional authority to enter into agreements that would allow practices outside of the state law.

Even though State Attorney Bill McCollum has requested an end to the Class III gaming, the Seminoles continue-on, business as usual.

“This clearly shows how much power the Seminole Tribe has obtained recently”, says Roy Ross, a local citizen who sent letters to state lawmakers expressing his discontentment with the tribe.

“These casinos in South Florida have caused an uproar in criminal activity, bankruptcies, and property foreclosures.  The Seminole Tribe Casinos have put an enormous strain on the local economy”, he says.

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One Response to “Seminole Indian Tribe Refuses to End Class III Gaming”

  1. Ernestine Thompson Says:

    I think it’s totally a shame that people could feel this way alot of things is unconstitional but yet still do it that’s everyone problem now off into everyone bussiness as far as people personal choices no one is making no one do anything they dont want to do i dont agree with some of the things i am have native myself cherookee indian due to maternal grandparents and great-greatparents i was not raised on the reservations have no plans on offsprings being raised on them either but i often times visit etc i think people have the right to conduct bussiness which is allowed for them but everyone is focus on a dollar bill instead of the legal red tape which involves contracts from the state i think the seminole’s should watch their backs god knows what is about to happen now. i think the seminole thought many people was against them but yet help their cuase so i dont see anything wrong what they are doing everyone else do what they want why not them.

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