Holly Madison And Criss Angel Spotted Out And About In Vegas

holly-and-chris-at-event.jpg(As reported on AHN.com)Las Vegas, NV — Holly Madison and Criss Angel confirmed their relationship to TMZ just this past October, but it seems they’ve stepped up their level of seriousness, being seen out and about in Las Vegas everywhere from the Luxor hotel and casino to IHOP.

Madison, who broke up with her ex, playboy extraordinaire Hugh Hefner, moved into a condo in Santa Monica after the breakup. But by late October and early November, it seemed like she may as well live in Vegas, where Angel puts on his Cirque de Soleil show “Believe.”

It still seems the couple is hot and heavy. Madison is even quoted in “The Daily Telegraph” saying, “I barely wear lip gloss anymore because I’m always making out with my boyfriend…apparently, I wasn’t making out with Hef as much.”

The pair continue to be spotted in Sin City. Their dates have varied from a night out at Cathouse, a club in the Luxor, and red carpet events at “Believe” and “Repo! The Genetic Opera” at Planet Hollywood to eating breakfast at IHOP and dinner and a rumored marriage proposal from Madison with a paper ring a few days before Christmas (this rumor was never confirmed). We’re sure to see more of this new couple out in Vegas.